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Today’s spotlight features the multi-talented painting dynamo, Abril Andrade Griffith. You may remember her work from the Inkerview I did last year with her, in which we got to explore her creepy-cute world full of big-eye characters and delightfully dark themes.

I thought it would be fun to reconnect with Abril and showcase some of her latest work which coincides with preparations for Day of the Dead celebrations, as November 2nd is fast approaching.

If you are searching for fantastic Día de los Muertos art, be sure to visit her website for information about prints of these pieces shown below or to inquire about commissioned work, which she is currently accepting.

In addition to sugar skulls and the wide-eyed world of creatures she creates, Abril is also known for delving into the whimsical world of cupcakes, seahorses, swirly trees, and so much more.

Visit her here, here, and here to see more of her outstanding work.

Last updated on November 5, 2010 by Jinxi Boo