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What's more fantastic than a tattooed bride? Seriously, isn't it just the BEST when you see wedding photos in which the bride does not attempt to cover her ink, but instead accentuates it and wears it boldly and proudly? Never fails to make me smile, and is precisely why I was grinning ear to ear when I happened upon photos of Kori and Matt's tattooed tying of the knot.

Kori. Photo by Made U Look Photography

Gallivanting through their loveliness led me to an additional treat, the superb portfolio of Made U Look Photography, the team who shot K&M's soiree, and who brings a very special touch to each event they undertake.

It was a pleasure to speak with Christina, the owner of Made U Look, who works alongside Alissa and Marielle, to exquisitely snap photos for weddings, fashion shoots, editorial, and more.

Their dreamy photos are sure to impress a wide array of photogenic clients; and if you are tattooed, they especially love your pizzazz and know how to make your individuality shine.

I hope you enjoy reading about Made U Look and viewing their gorgeous accomplishments. To see more of what they are all about, visit or email Christina directly (see below).

They also maintain an adorable blog with updates and candids.

Cheers to the colorful, tattooed brides out there!! Wear your ink with pride...and if you can't afford a wedding ring after paying for the marital festivities, just get one tattooed. ;)

When did you first become interested in photography? What was your first camera and do you remember what/who you first shot?

I have always been interested in the art of photography. I shot black and white as a child with my dad’s old Pentax film camera. I was just a little girl going around snapping off shots of random things and developing them in the dark room.

Your work is so outstanding!! Were you formally trained in photography or are you self-taught?  How many years have you been a photographer?

Thank you!! :) I'm a self-taught gal. I feel that sometimes we are blessed with the talents that we need to do the things we love. Some people can sing beautifully, cook well, dance, act, sew, and in my case, it's taking photos. I have been shooting for years, but went out on faith and made my dream my full-time career in 2009.

Your photos have such a dreamy, ethereal feel to them. I can see why so many brides want you to shoot their weddings. How did this style develop and what kind of an edge does it give you in the professional photography world?

Our photos have been described as “dreamy” and “ethereal” many times! Love it! :) I'm not sure how to describe how we are getting this kind of feel to our photographs, though. It just seems to come to us!

I have always had a big crush on antiques and yard sales, and things like that. The studio is located in a vintage Fox movie theater, which is an awesome blessing. I'm fascinated with old Hollywood and all of the fashion from the different eras. With this in mind and my love for people, I developed our style. We strive to tailor every session to fit the person’s unique style, but with a punch of our retro style to go along with it.

I love how so many of the weddings you have shot seem to be "outside the box" and definitely different from the norm (creative themes, interesting people, tattooed people, etc.). Do you find that these types of clients seek you out because you understand them and their vision? What is your goal when you prepare for an event?

We love “different from the norm!” I love people, and especially the interesting people; they just make my heart sing! Photographing tattoos and people who have them are just the cherry on top of the sundae for me. It's pure shutter candy. I just love LOVE and photographing it!

Each session I do is personal and unique to the client. I don't believe in doing those dreadful cookie cutter poses and just simply saying, “Smile for the camera.” I truly care about my clients and really get to know them. I am proud to call them my friends. :) I connect with them on many levels and am empowered by their beauty. So not only am I photographing their outside beauty, but their inner beauty as well.

My goal when preparing for the event is to make sure I capture that moment and day wholeheartedly. When someone is looking at the images for the first time, I hope they feel they are there again and can feel all of the emotion from that very second.

Can you tell us about what Made U Look Photography is all about, who you photograph, what clients can expect, projects you are accepting, where you are located, and how one can book you?

Made u Look Photography started with just a dream of mine, and now it's an awesome team! We're known as the “Made u Look girls:” Alissa, Marielle, and myself! I'm the owner/photographer, Christina Looker, and I run the show most of the time, and keep the dream alive. Alissa is primarily the second shooter and the brains of the outfit. Marielle shoots video and keeps all of us girls happy with her great dance moves and fabulous personality!  

We are totally blessed with upcoming opportunities to travel all around the world to amazing places to shoot for exciting projects and beautiful weddings for 2011! We shoot weddings primarily, as of now, but love to do fashion shoots, as well as editorial.

We are located in Bakersfield, California, and if you love our work and want us to photograph you, contact us at

We would be very happy to hear from you! :)


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