Seeds Are Sprouting in Our Square Foot Garden

It's been two weeks since I planted our first little round of seeds in the vegetable garden and guess what? They are REALLY GROWING!!!

I feel like a kindergartner planting that little lima bean seed in the Dixie cup and setting it in the sunny window of the classroom, anxiously awaiting the outcome. Seriously, so much fun!

I have been tending to the boxes each day with water and love, keeping them free from debris and falling leaves. Watching, hoping, watching, and waiting.

And here we are! Two weeks in with beautiful little sprouts popping up and out of the soil. Some veggies are bigger and more brazen than others. The radishes are true champs; and the peas are already looking hearty and beautiful.

I'm so excited! I know it's a very minor step in the process, but I just had to share the progress photos with you.

I have also since planted seeds in four more SFG boxes and we have six more lined up and ready to fill with our Mel's Mix recipe of:

  • 1/3 vermiculite
  • 1/3 peat moss
  • 1/3 compost (from as many sources as possible)

It's been such a fun process so far and I can't wait until these little babies are growing into edible food for my kitchen!

I'll keep you posted.

Happy Spring!!