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Today’s Artist Spotlight features the gorgeous painting accomplishments of Derek Harrison. I first became acquainted with his dynamic artistic ability while working on the Cranial Visions book, and since then have become a fan of his emotional and inspirational artwork. I think after sneaking a peek at what he achieves with a paintbrush and palette, you may just become an admirer of his creative treasures as well.

Derek painting his self-portraitBorn in Denver, Colorado in 1983, Derek began working with watercolors at a young age, always exploring his surroundings and drawing inspiration from the world around him.

A few years down the road, intrigued by street art, murals, and graffiti, Harrison delved into a new career path when he landed a tattoo apprenticeship with Denver artist, Brad Cramer, as his artistic talent began shining onto skin projects as well.

Eventually moving to the beautiful Santa Barbara coast in California, Harrison has continued his excellent ink work, while further pursuing his exploration in the painting world. You can commonly find him taking workshops and seminars around the country with mentors such as Shawn Barber and Jeff Gogue.

Derek’s work, so inspiring and full of passion, seems to be a reflection of the way he lives life, which is evident even in the words he speaks: "I will never stop, it is something I completely love and will do until I am no longer physically able to continue, and then I'll keep trying."

It’s a pleasure to share Harrison’s work with you today. Be sure to keep an eye on this burgeoning talent, who has nothing but a bright future ahead of him.

You can keep up with Derek’s accomplishments and see more of his artwork and tattoo portfolio on his website and Facebook page.

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