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Upon conducting research for an article I recently wrote about the remarkable work of Jason de Graaf for Tattooist Art magazine (watch for it in an upcoming issue), I was introduced to work of another hyperrealism artist named Jacques Bodin. What a delightful discovery this was.

A French painter, Bodin lives and works in Paris, where his paintings are executed on a large scale with intensely detailed magnification. Focusing on common objects in nature and human physiology, the artwork takes a microcosm of detail and breathes brilliant life and energy into each design, turning it into a macrocosm of inspiration.

His ability to accentuate reality and emphasize depth, reflection, light, and angles is stunning. The fruit so succulent, you can almost taste it; the grass so wispy, you can nearly feel it beneath your feet. A beautiful relationship between nature, humans, and the universe. Working with photos that he snaps himself, each subject matter is carefully chosen as the story of each painting and the life it develops begins.

To see more of Bodin's exceptional work, visit his site

Last updated on January 14, 2011 by Jinxi Boo