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This Tattoo Spotlight takes a peek inside the creative and colorful world of Jason Stephan.

The quirky and charismatic creatures that Jason designs transform so fantastically onto both skin and canvas. I dig his unique style and that his artwork has the power to take you to a whole new land full of eccentricity and vibrancy. I’m also quite fond of the fact that he incorporates so many eye-catching sea creatures into his pieces. Go ocean friends!

A tattoo artist since 1997, Stephan recently relocated from Florida to Richmond, Virginia where he joins the uber-talented team at Ghostprint Gallery, alongside Thea Duskin and Jesse Smith. What an inspiring shop indeed. I can’t wait to track the latest boom of cleverness and artistry coming out of Ghostprint.

In addition to his outstanding ink work, Jason is an incredible painter and flash artist. With such imaginative work and dedication to his craft, it’s easy to see why he maintains such a loyal clientele, as well as respect within the tattoo industry.

Be sure to check out more of Jason’s work at and make an appointment with this talented tattooist.

"Cuckoo" Painting - Acrylic 20 x 30

"Reign Then Flood"Collaboration with Dan Hazelton

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