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When I first started writing for Tattooist Art Magazine, I had the pleasure of interviewing the ultra-fantastic Jesse Smith. I had been a fan of his work (ink, painting, street art, you name it) for a long time and found that his positive energy and kind demeanor as a person, matched his artistic talent magnificently.

With bold societal statements weaving their way through his avant-garde designs, Jesse also manages to incorporate whimsical creativity in each piece he executes. He was initially captivated by graffiti art and urban culture when living in Germany and immersed himself in the lifestyle.

Upon returning to the States, Jesse began studying art at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), learning a whole different side of the art world and further cementing his love of, and spot in, the creative industry. Now a world-renowned tattoo artist, Smith keeps busy inking his exuberant designs on collectors' skin and painting up a storm in his spare time.

I thought I would showcase a few of his recent accomplishments in today's Tattoo Spotlight. To learn more about Jesse and keep up with his always-splendid portfolio, be sure to visit his website

Jesse tattooed this piece on a friend who builds wheelchairs for people who are disabled. 

His ambition to help other people carried on way past his physical being. He was determined to do everything he could to make handicapped people as mobile as possible.”

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"Golden Acorn" collaboration with Dan Hazelton: iPhone and iTouch cases for the iPhone (3G/3GS and 4G) and the iTouch. Each case is printed using Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology. To purchase one, click here.

"If you wear the suit long enough it will consume your soul. You have to have a very strong head in order to keep yourself grounded."

8 x 10 colored pencil on paper.


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