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As a longtime fan of Mike Giant, I was thrilled to find this beautifully-shot video by Agency Charlie. As part of their Neighbors project, it features Mike in his studio as he talks about nature, time, art, and his inspiring journey through life.

Mike is an incredibly talented multi-media wonder: fine artist, tattoo artist, illustrator, and world-renowned graffiti artist. If you are into any of these scenes, there is a pretty good chance you have had the opportunity to view his stellar work.

There were several parts of this video that really resonated with me. Just a few of them include:

  • “To me, the natural world moves at the speed of clouds…"
  • “When you come back to the speed of nature, you realize that we were meant to live like the animals. We should just spend part of our day getting our food together...spend part of our day hanging out with each other, you know? And then you’ve got a lot of your day when you can just live…and breathe. And that’s fine. You don’t have to be doing something all of the time. This culture sure doesn’t teach us to just enjoy our downtime. Why can’t every day have a little bit of a vacation in it? ”
  • “You guys think this is pretty metal? I think it’s pretty metal. It’s certainly not hip-hop.”

But watch it all for yourself and take a peek inside of Giant’s wondrously rad world. Oh, and be prepared to want to pick up a Sharpie when it’s over. Enjoy!


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