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Today’s Tattoo Spotlight focuses on the outstanding work of Orrin Hurley, who works at the world-famous Daredevil Tattoo in NYC. It’s easy to see why the tattoo community is so abuzz about Orrin’s work, which is truly versatile and accomplished across the board. He seems able to take on any challenge when it comes to tattooing, and is skilled in: bio organic, realism, Japanese, new skool, surrealism, portraiture, abstract, traditional, pieces with a painterly touch…you name it and Mr. Hurley can deliver.

Orrin was born and raised in various parts of the South, including Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. He got his start in the business when he began piercing at the age of 17. Not long afterwards, he landed an apprenticeship with the talented Jim Black and never looked back. In 1998, Orrin started tattooing in Elizabethton, Tennessee and worked there until venturing north to New York, where he settled in at Larry Davis’s shop, Explicit Tattoo.

New artistic goals eventually presented themselves, and it was then that Hurley landed at Daredevil in New York City, where he currently resides with a slew of talented tattooists and an incredibly creative and inspirational atmosphere.

Tattooing now for 12 years, Orrin has established himself as a true leader in the field. His humble nature and gratitude for artists who have inspired him to take his tattooing to the next level, like: Guy Aitchison, Nick Baxter, Cory Kruger, Jeff Zuck, Jeff Ensminger, Timothy Hoyer and many others, is a welcome nod of appreciation that sets him apart in character to boot.

Hurley’s impressive diversity makes him highly sought after by such a wide range of ink collectors. Though he gravitates towards “a more illustrative style of tattooing” and prefers working on bio organic and Japanese-influenced pieces, just take a look at his impressive accomplishments to see why so many tattoo enthusiasts proudly wear (and hope to wear) his work.

Currently residing in Jersey City, New Jersey, Orrin enjoys spending his days off with his girlfriend and two adorable kiddos, Aeris and Kai. It is such a pleasure to feature this talented artisan’s work today. This is just a small sampling of his stellar accomplishments, so be sure to visit his website and his Facebook fan page to see more of his excellent portfolio and keep up with his latest achievements.


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