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To kick off the new year with a little pizzazz, check out some of Surge's creative artwork, just brimming with splashes of color, effacacious zeal, and whimsical characters.

Born in Los Angeles, Surge now hails from Miami where he transforms his sketch book designs to street art masterpieces. A recurring cartoonis for the Miami New Times, his designs have always been featured on magazines covers and publications around the world.

As his fantastic profile reads:

Motivated by his son Brooklyn, SURGE illuminates every piece with originality and character. His captivating artistry absorbs the streets of Miami with his bold creativity and intense passion for art and music. His experience as a father has given Surge the freedom to describe his son’s carefree and joyful attitude, through art.

A recurring cartoonist for the Miami New Times, Surge’s artwork has been featured on the cover of Sun-Sentinel’s City Link as well as published in a variety of publications world wide. His fearless mindset allows his infatuation for design run wild upon his ingenious creations. Sketching the world as if it was his canvas, Surge’s brash and street inspired artwork continues to leave its mark one stroke at a time.

Be sure to check out Surge's Artbreak portfolio and keep up with his latest creative accomplishments on his blog.

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