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Oh my! Prince Charming (and in this case, Eric and Aladdin too), have never seen such deviant damsels.

With their tattooed skin and eccentricities, what's a knight in shining armour to do? These babes in their body ink and tattoo sleeves can blaze their own trails; while art aficionados get to enjoy these beauties in a "whole new world" (Aladdin reference, get it? ha ha).

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) all tattooed

Today's Artist Spotlight features the fantastic work of Tim Shumate, who can reinvent princesses, illustrate cephalopods in all of their tentacle gloriousness, honor Miss Bjork in style, and design sci-fi characters with the best of them.

Inked Up Snow White - Waiting For True Loves Kiss

Whether working with pencil and Photoshop, wood and acrylic, or any of the other mixed medias he is so skilled at utilizing, Tim's work has a whimsical and energetic appeal. It's both flirtatious and impressive, and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Princess Jasmine wearing a Rajah the Tiger tattoo

To check out more of his portfolio and keep up with his rad accomplishments, be sure to visit his website, deviantART page, or Tumblr.

Bjork by Tim Shumate

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