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Mixed Tape

That mixed tape of dreams spun around and around so many times in my head that I thought the sepia brown ribbon would break and unravel before my eyes.

The music, my escape; played repetitively,
while aspirations to have these songs heard outside of the confined, stark walls grew stronger.

So I hit the "play" button and kept the tempo;
living like an allegro;
not pondering the dynamics of the sounds or harmony...
for such a long time.

Then ... rapid realization!
The "fast-forward" button was accidentally pushed...
and by the time I noticed ...
the tape was altered;
and unraveling quickly.

Discouraged ...

I needed a new playlist.
I needed my cassette-full of melodies back.

Why is my boom box on "pause?"

I wanted this journey to be my own dance,
my own

my own show.

Perhaps the stereo just needs to be plugged back in?

~ Jinxi Boo



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