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Tattoo Spotlight: Otte Timar from Budapest, Hungary

Today’s Tattoo Spotlight features the work of Otte Timar, a talented artist whom I was lucky enough to interview for Tattooist Art Magazine a few months ago. Located in Budapest, Hungary, Timar delivers bold, striking color work and a great love for the art of tattooing.

This dedicated tattooist owns and operates Red Lion Tattoo Studio in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. His love of creativity and fervor for learning began back in 1998, when he was mentored by Norbert Beke, who began by teaching him the basics of tattooing and struck the young artist with a desire to dive further into the world of ink.

An award-winning artist, it’s easy to see why Otte’s work has captivated collectors and judges alike. He possesses a talent for blending realism elements with bold and striking bursts of color. Paying close attention to background, shading, and light sources; details like this have made his tattoos highly sought-after across the globe.

I hope you enjoy a peek inside Timar’s portfolio. Be sure to visit RedLionTattoo.com to read more about his story and delve further into his artwork accomplishments.

Reader Comments (2)

Great Spotlight. Otte's work is really great. It is great that he is equally as good in black and grey and color.

Thanks for the exposure to such great artist around the world.

September 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

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December 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersun agee
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