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Today’s Tattoo Spotlight features an artist who is not only one of the nicest guys in the biz, but one of the most talented too. I have known Roman Abrego for almost as long as I have collected ink. He is one of the first artists I met when I started my tattoo journey.

It’s a funny story about how we initially met too. Steve and I were at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day in Riverside, California, called Ancho’s. Roman and his best friend Cholo were there and introduced themselves to us as we came in. We chatted about tattoos and exchanged email information as they were getting ready to leave. Having just finished dinner, they had discovered a discrepancy with their bill and were arguing with the staff about. Management wasn’t treating them fairly and eventually had them “removed” from the restaurant. As soon as they did, they sauntered over to the table that we had just been seated at and asked us to leave as well. Guilty by tattoo association, apparently. It’s ok though. I would rather be associated with Roman than eat at a judgmental establishment any day.

Though Roman has always been immensely talented, I have watched his work climb to new levels with each year that passes. He can rock just about any tattoo project you throw his way. From intricate biomechanical designs and lifelike portraiture, to classic Day of the Dead sugar skulls, organically composed designs, or anything in between.

Abrego is a maestro with the machine no matter which way you look at it. His color work delivers such an incredible punch; and let me tell you, those pigments are in there to STAY. I’ve seen pieces done by Roman years after they were executed and they continue to look as vibrant and bright as the day they were designed.

In addition to being a busy tattooist and painter, Roman is a proud father, and also owns his own shop in Yucaipa, California called Artistic Element. The crew there is mega-talented and extra-cool, so if you are in the area, be sure to stop by to visit, add some ink to your collection, and sprinkle some inspiration on your creative channels.

Below is just a small sampling of Roman’s artwork, so make it a point to visit here to check out more of his outstanding portfolio, stay updated on new accomplishments, and informed as to his tattoo convention itinerary.

Last updated on September 3, 2010 by Jinxi Boo