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Feast your eyes on the impressive work of Valerie Vargas. I've been watching her portfolio grow for awhile now and constantly have to remind myself that she has only been tattooing since 2007, because, well, LOOK at her accomplishments. I'm certain that after inspecting her refined, solid work that most would believe she's been at the ink slinging game for quite some time. But hard work, artistic vision, and true talent will get you far, and this Scottish-born gem is taking the tattooing world by storm.

Valerie moved to London shortly after she began tattooing and earned a spot at the renowned Frith Street Tattoo in London's Soho district. She works with a talented crew of artists who seem to be consistently taking their art to the next level.

With a superb grasp on the classic American style, Vargas adds her own unique touch to each piece she executes. With clean lines, whimsical strokes, and bursts of color, each tattoo has the "VV touch." She is well-known for the female profile and faces she creates, and her owl designs are among my favorites.

With a long waiting list already in place, don't delay if you wish to add your name to her appointment book. You can do so here; and while you're at it, be sure to peruse through her gorgeous gallery of tattoo work and paintings.

Last updated on January 19, 2011 by Jinxi Boo